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In England and Wales more than 312,000 children have a parent who is in prison, more than double the number affected by divorce. Prison Kids, an unsparing observational documentary made exclusively for My5, follows two families who have negotiated the imprisonment of a parent. 

First-hand accounts from the children themselves illuminate the experience of losing a parent to the prison system, as well as preparing for their release. From loneliness, bullying at school and the loss of friends, to the first taste of social stigma, this programme explores how these children fight to regain their self-esteem and confidence.  

Thrust into this challenging experience through no fault of their own, the children affected by parental imprisonment are often treated as though they themselves are guilty, or forgotten in the shadows. Filmed with the support of various prison organisations and charities, Prison Kids aims to highlight and raise awareness of the impact imprisonment has on families, because now is the time for these children to be given a voice.